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About this map of turn restrictions

Turn restrictions are OpenStreetMap's way of telling you where you aren't allowed to go or where you have to go when you're at a junction and there's no other kind of restriction like oneway or access. We have two different main kinds of turn restrictions: only-restrictions and no-restrictions.


only-restrictions are

  • only_right_turn
  • only_left_turn
  • only_straight_on

no-restrictions are

  • no_right_turn
  • no_left_turn
  • no_straight_on
  • no_u_turn
  • no_entry
  • no_exit

special icons on this map

  • turn restriction with errors
  • turn restriction with warnings (yellow arrow)
  • turn restriction with warnings (yellow background)

Member highlight colours

When hovering over a turn restriction the members of this turn restriction are drawn. Here are some examples to explain the different colours:


only-restrictions example
Moving along the from-way to the via-node (or the via-way) you are only allowed to continue on the to-way.


no-restrictions example
Moving along the from-way to the via-node (or the via-way) you are not allowed to continue on the to-way.

restrictions with errors:

restriction with error example
Ways and nodes of turn restrictions with errors are drawn the same way as without error.
But sometimes there's a restriction member without role or with an unknown role.
We don't know whether it belongs to from, via or to. These members are drawn in yellow.

A note on the reported errors and warnings

Please keep in mind: Errors or warnings shown on this map are not necessarily caused by errors of the turn restriction. Maybe the tagging of the ways is invalid or maybe this map doesn't work correctly. Also keep in mind that warnings are subjective according to my interpretation of turn restrictions - your rating may vary. There is no way of telling this map to ignore a warning on a specific turn restriction.

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